Organic wine growing high in the hills

“You must taste the marble in our Botticino,” was a favourite saying of Grandfather Piero, who was already producing this fine DOC wine three generations ago and was aware of the importance of the territory for its character.

Antique vinification methods

It was the current head of the family, Pierangelo Noventa, who chose to focus on wine-making in the 1970s, with the conviction and certainty that the small Botticino DOC label would delight connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Today the winery has grown and the number of hectares cultivated has increased, but, perhaps surprisingly, our working method still largely complies with the antique vinification techniques.

Our family’s philosophy is to embody our territory in our wines, by prioritising the work we put into the vineyard and our unique, distinctive lands.

In the cellar, the post-modern method recommended by our consultant agronomist and oenologist Carlo Ferrini is a delicate, traditional vinification technique, which enhances the fragrances and aromas of our grapes, to make refined, elegant wines.

The methods used

The traditional methods we have rediscovered including gentle pigéage and sprinkle rémontage, as well as racking, which is only carried by hand with buckets. We have also rediscovered the use of concrete vats for the fermentation and ageing of Colle degli Ulivi, with excellent results.

Moreover, we have always used selected yeasts from the Botticino DOC grape varieties, and all fermentation takes place at strictly controlled temperatures. Last but not least, only free-run juice is used for our wines.

These and the many other techniques we use are intended to achieve the utmost refinement and elegance in all the wines we make.